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Students Choice hours available 11:30 - 4:00

Students Choice hours available 11:30 - 4:00


Studio time for your own project $20 per hour, Appointment required, email with any questions. Please choose your time and date below.

Do you have a project you would like to do that isn’t in one of these classes? Feel free to use my studio space to create and store your art work. $20.00 per hour for a work space reasonable for one person (if the class size permits we can spread out a bit) also you get two slots on a storage rack - one for your work in progress and one for your supplies.

Flexibility at it’s finest, bring your own supplies  or let me do the shopping for you. If you have a special request shoot me a note, let’s talk about it. I’m sure we can come up with something if we put our heads together.

Appointments required to ensure we have a seat for you.

Class length: 60 minutes

Location: 2470 Green Valley Court, Aurora Il 60503

Not all inclusive but an idea of supply costs

Canvas $5 - $30 8 x 10 - 16 x 20 (bigger canvas’s can be purchased as availability)

Paint for pouring - 12 x 16 with three colors will run you about $15 in supplies plus the canvas - supplies included = Cups, mixing sticks and one pair of gloves and pouring medium.

Pouring medium, for one 2oz craft paint bottle = $5, this will result in 6 - 7 oz of paint, three containers is usually more than enough for up to a 12 x 16 canvas. Just to give you an idea of the cost. You’re welcome to bring your own Flood Floetrol or Elmer’s white glue for your pouring medium or any other recipe you may prefer.

My thinking here is this is like open gym - remember that? We got to play anything we wanted, the only requirement was that we had to keep moving. I loved that. This is the same concept. I just want to share my art and I’m hoping to be inspired by yours. Let’s make a triptych or two for your house. Little art is so fun, big art is even more fun. I love the couch art. We can help you if you want to paint on wood instead of canvas - you might really like that.

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Warning: Acrylic paints do not always come out of clothes, please bring an apron if that is a concern. It's unusual for someone to get paint on their clothes, but it could happen

Minimum Age: children must be accompanied by responsible adult