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Bottle Bottom pour 4:30 PM

Bottle Bottom pour 4:30 PM


Try this relaxing painting method. We’ll start by layering colors into a container and then we will prep a canvas and pour the paint over the bottom of a water bottle. Take your time and enjoy the mesmerizing way the colors move. Once we’re done pouring we can decide if we want to manipulate the paint further by tipping it or adding some glitter etc.

I'm offering this so you can really start to think outside of what you know and just have fun when you are indulging in art. It's fun to have all the tools but we pretty much have what we need to create beautiful things all around us.

You’re welcome to take your painting home wet or it may stay here until it is dry and may be picked up. If you desire a sealer on your painting we can discuss the best option.  

Class length: 60 minutes

Location: 14912 S. Morgan Ln Plainfield, Il 60544

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Warning: Acrylic paints do not come out of clothes, please bring an apron if that is a concern. It's unusual for someone to get paint on their clothes, but it could happen

Minimum Age: 8